Rcons came into existence in 2006 and sprang from a project that was being led by The World Bank. The World Bank had initiated a project in 2001 to carry out a study on the Educational and Learning Standards in Schools located in various cities from Punjab. The project titled LEAPS (Learning and Educational Achievement in Punjab Schools Survey) orchestrated the formation of a strong lineup of personnel who were specifically trained for the purpose of research work. The skill set of this team included researchers, surveyors, data coders, data entry operators, analysts and report writers. Rigorous training ensured that every member of this team was a thorough professional and an expert in his specialization. It was this team that later culminated into Rcons when several members came forward to form the organization with a vision to establish new boundaries in the domain of field research.

The company has since then been actively providing consultancy services in research, survey studies, impact assessment, evaluation, baseline studies and monitoring. At Rcons we strive to deliver quality information with a promise of accuracy and timeliness as our clients embark upon their journeys to unfold new horizons.